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Tuesday 21 May 2013 Philippines

LDP Farms Food Corporation

LDP Farms Food Corporation, supplier of day-old chicks to Philippine poultry integrator San Miguel, has signed an agreement with Petersime to expand their hatchery in San Fabian with an extra setting capacity of 576,000 eggs per week.


The agreement includes the purchase of BioStreamer 12S setters and 8H and 4H hatchers, as well as an expansion of the current HVAC system and of the IrisLink software.

LDP Farms Food Corporation is owned by the Lolim family and is engaged in a strong partnership with the San Miguel Group , the number one poultry producer in the Philippines. The LDP hatchery in San Fabian was built last year and had its first egg setting in September. Total capacity then amounted to 460,800 eggs per week. Both LDP and San Miguel reported to be satisfied with the hatch results and with the Petersime training and support around installation. Hence it was decided sooner than expected to more than double the hatchery capacity.

Construction works started at the beginning of April and installation of the Petersime equipment is planned within a couple of months.

Source: Argentine Beef Packers S.A.

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