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Farming News Daily wants your news!

Farming News Daily provides news to a wide range of people who are involved in the meat industry. If you have any news that you wish to share with our global audience then please email who will add your news item if it deemed suitable.

The news could be company news, press releases, changes in personnel etc. We also welcome photos/images to support the news items.

So what is a Press Release?

A press release or press statement is a document which is written by a company or their PR Agency to announce items of news. This news can cover a wide range of topics but generally it is any information which the company believes to be useful or interesting to the reader. This could include information about recent product releases, reorganisation of the company or events they have arranged.

Why send out Press Releases?

There are a number of benefits in sending out a press release as it provides a vehicle for communicating with customers, industry partners and the marketplace. As well as increasing company awareness it can also be a way of promoting product awareness and branding. All of these factors can contribute to the success of the company.

What format should a Press Release be in?

There are a number of established formats for press releases although there is no single format which is universally accepted. However some press agencies will require the press release to be presented in a particular format. In general a press release should be presented in a format which is acceptable to the company making the release and allows the information to be disseminated in a clear and concise fashion. Once completed the press release can be distributed by post, fax or email.

How do Farming News Daily handle Press Releases?

In order to submit your press release to Farming News Daily we would recommend that you prepare the press release in a Word document or other compatible format. It should be emailed to Photographs and other relevant images should be attached to the email so that we can add this to the news item.

If you send your press release as a pdf please ensure that you email any images and content in an accessible format so that we can copy and paste the information into the news item.

Farming News Daily welcome any news item that relate to the meat industry. However we do reserve the right to edit the content to make it suitable for release to our readership or decline items which are deemed unsuitable.

The benefits of sending your Press Release to Farming News Daily?

Farming News Daily has a wide audience throughout the world. Our readership includes many of the industry’s top managers who keep up to date with meat industry news via the Farming News Daily website. By sending your press releases to us we will ensure that your news gets to the widest possible audience in the shortest possible time.